Be Responsible

Be Responsible with your health.
Be Responsible with your community.
Be Responsible with family and friends.
Be Responsible with your safety and the safety of those around you.
Be Responsible by being unified as human beings.

We all lead busy, hectic lives that can oftentimes feel overwhelming and cause us to go fast. From getting to work on time, to getting the kids to school, to making sure dinner is prepared and ready, can all add to stress and lead to mistakes and problems.

All of our own individual personal, family and work responsibilities can distract us from the fact that we are all connected as a people and a community. When daily problems arise that make us feel isolated or frustrated, try to take a moment to remember that the actions we take every day, whether we realize it or not, affect those around us.

In a split second, the decisions we make could change our lives, or the lives of those around us, forever.

As a community, let’s try to slow down a little and make an effort to be responsible and think about how our choices will impact our community, especially when we are busy, stressed and trying to fulfill our daily responsibilities.

Together, we can live a safer, more conscientious life when we support one another and make are responsible. Be caring, be aware, and most importantly, be responsible.

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